About Us

Focused on arm health and specificity of training, Dynamic Pitching Institute (DPI) was developed in 1995 based on principles and philosophies accrued through exposure to some of the top pitching coaches and sport study educators in the country.  The Dynamic Pitching Institute was started based on a need for a comprehensive pitching program that develops strength, improves flexibility and athleticism, as well as focuses on repeatable and efficient throwing mechanics, using the body as it was intended as efficiently as possible.
Since 1995, the DPI system has been utilized with 100′s of baseball pitchers of all ages and skill sets ranging from Little Leagues, High School, College and Professionals.  The Dynamic Pitching Institute believes that all pitchers have the ability to work towards the goal of attaining the elusive and sacred “90 MPH” benchmark that the baseball community has set as the benchmark for success.  More importantly, the DPI system sets out to allow students to work within a program that is educational and physically challenging to help them become the best pitcher and athlete to compete at whatever level they attain.
Our unique programs are for players, coaches and organizations that are committed to hard work and understand that only a high level of dedication and consistency will produce desired outcomes.  The program is not a “quick fix” approach, but rather a curriculum marked by continuous productive activities targeted towards the overall development of the student and their desire to achieve.
As the baseball world has followed the trend of “biomechanical analysis”, DPI provides a comprehensive training program for pitchers/athletes with the perspective of not only understanding and teaching the principles as it relates to pitching but also as an individual.  The uniqueness of the program and what sets it apart from the new “internet” or “seminar trained” pitching coaches across the country, is that the creator of DPI actually experienced and trained in these principles as a player.  DPI is not new, and has continually evolved and produced measurable and documented results for it’s students.  As a trend setter and true pioneer as not only a velocity program, but overall pitching competency program, DPI has continued to be unique.  Being able to actually relate to the student, sets DPI apart from traditional pitching instructors who did not compete utilizing the learned methods and principles in regards to the “new trends” they teach.
Now based in Charlotte, NC, the Dynamic Pitching Institute offers many programs for intense, dynamic training for all skill levels that maintains a sequential, progressive curriculum.



Our Students are exposed to some of the top pitching minds in Charlotte and collaborators from across the country.  Students of DPI can rely on receiving instruction and working with a staff that has over 7 decades of combined experience that has coached and participated at the top levels of the game from MLB, NCAA Div I, II and JUCO, as well as high school.

John Steele

Lead Instructor / Curriculum Coordinator

As Lead Instructor/Curriculum Coordinator for the Dynamic Pitching Institute, John brings over two decades of “coaching pitchers” experience at the high school, collegiate and professional levels. After finishing his college playing career at perennial NCAA title contender St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, TX, he earned his first coaching position at Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, TX (NCAA Div. II) as Associate Head Coach/Pitching Coach. During his years at Texas Wesleyan, John continued to use and evolve the principles and philosophies with “training” he learned as a student and player that produced high levels of success. John also had the opportunity to collaborate as part of baseball development staff with the Texas Rangers Professional Baseball organization in Arlington, TX.

Educationally John completed his undergrad studies in Exercise Sport Science and continued his post grad education studies in Physiology.

John currently works with 100's of amateur and professional pitchers and is also acting Director of Pitching Development for the On Deck O’s, a top level showcase baseball organization based in Charlotte, NC that has had over 300 players go on to play at either the collegiate or professional levels. He is also the “preferred” instructor for many youth associations around the Charlotte area and top youth “travel” programs.